Our Commitment to the Environment

Sun Polishing and Plating Co. Ltd. has always been, and continues to be, an industry leader with respect to operating our facility in an environmentally responsible manner. This commitment goes well beyond the bare minimum of compliance with municipal, provincial and federal regulation as it extends to a proactive approach to environmentally sound business practices. Evidence of this commitment is our use of in-process electro-winning to recover lost nickel since 1985. Our experience with this equipment was so satisfactory that we purchased and installed two more additional metal recovery units in 1988 and 1990 for copper and brass respectively.

In recognition of our voluntary efforts and achievements in this regard, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment awarded Sun its Pollution Prevention Pledge Program (P4) Award in 1994. The P4 Award affords the recipient company the use of the prestigious P4 logo in recognition and as an encouragement for companies to be forward thinking and environmentally conscious in their business practices.

Sun Polishing and Plating Co. Ltd. is a participant in the Metal Finishing Industry Pollution Prevention Project which is a multilevel-level body with representation from Environment Canada, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, the Canadian Association of Metal Finishers, and approximately 30 signatory companies. The mandate of this organization is to develop and promote effective and methods of pollution prevention on a voluntary basis.

Toxic Reduction Act Plans:
Toxics Reduction Act - 2017

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